• Why it’s important to have a structured document outline

    With HTML5 new document outline algorithm, we have to utilize key aspects when forming our header tags. Even though outline algorithms cannot be relied upon to convey document structure to users, it does create a table of contents that could be used by assistive technology to help the user, or be parsed by search engines […]

  • Why you need to know the 5 basic html heading rules

    The heading structure of your pages is one of your most influential aspects for optimizing on-page SEO. The heading structure of your website defines which parts of your content are meaningful, and how they interconnect. Since every page on your website has different goals, each page needs a different heading structure than your homepage.

  • Make better conversions with Framing and Anchoring

    In the last couple of posts we’ve covered a lot of very important concepts in decision architecture: anchoring, ordering, framing, and loss aversion. All of these concepts play significant roles in how people perceive the nature of a decision and the available options, as well as in driving the decision outcome itself.

  • How to use framing to persuade users decisions

    You can strongly persuade users mindsets with framing as they consider decision outcomes. People are sensitive when making a decision and don’t usually notice or question the frame. They often just accept the frame the way it is presented.

  • How Anchoring and Ordering affect conversions

    When we understand how Anchoring and Ordering affect perception and decision making, we can use them persuasively when architecting for conversion optimization. This also creates better decision making experience for users and effectively helps achieve sales goals.